Car Keys

Whether you just need a spare or already lost your existing car keys, we’ve got you covered with our wide variety of chipped keys, remote head keys, fobiks, proximity keys, and just plain old non-chipped keys. We can make and program keys for almost any make and model. Call 218-751-8084 for a free quote!

Remote FOBs

We have vehicle remotes too! Some you can program yourself without any special equipment, others we can do for you. Call to find out what your options are, whether you already have an existing remote or you’ve dropped them in the lake!


If you’ve lost all of your vehicle keys, give us a call. While some vehicle keys can be replaced with just a VIN number, others require towing or a service call. Be sure to have a photo ID and proof of ownership ready if you need to get a key made from scratch. Call 218-751-8084 today to find out if we can replace your lost keys! And trust us, you are not the only ones. Dropped down the fish hole, put through the washing machine, we’ve heard it all!


If you are locked out of your car, call 218-751-8084, for quick and efficient service! We are also capable of making you a door key to get in. This option can save you money on the service call and has the added bonus of providing you with a spare.