Hardware and Services

    • Heavy Duty Doorknobs, Deadbolts and Lever Sets
    • Panic hardware
    • Exit Devices
    • Door Closers
    • Push/Pull Plates
    • Electric Strikes
    • Door Stops
    • Door and Jamb Repair Hardware
    • Key Control Systems
    • Rekeying and Master Key Systems
    • Repair¬†and installation
    • Access Control
    • Commercial Locksmith Services
    • Key Organization Products

Key Control

Do you know who has keys to your business? Have you had employee turnover? Did you know that keys bearing the stamping “Do Not Duplicate” are not protected by any laws or regulations? We design high-security and restricted key systems. These systems use proprietary keyways that are patent protected so you can rest assured that your key cannot be duplicated anywhere else. We work with owners of apartment complexes, office complexes, restaurants, churches, and other organizations that need to manage and limit who has access to keys. Our restricted key systems provide you with detailed record keeping, so you always know how many keys have been made for your building.

Key Organization

Do you have a coffee can full of keys? If you manage multiple properties, or just have a lot of locks in your life, stop in to our shop and see how our wide variety of key organizing products can help you!


Have you had employee turnover, or are you concerned that somebody may have unauthorized access to your building? Consider rekeying your locks. Rekeying refers to the ability to change the insides of a lock so that a different key will operate it. Instead of replacing your expensive commercial locks, rekeying can save you money. With our mobile service, you can leave all the work up to us, or bring your locks into our conveniently located shop for fast and inexpensive service. Rekeying can also be used to reduce the amount of keys that you use in a building. We can even rekey your padlock to your house key if you want to get really serious about decreasing your key ring size!

Keyless Entry Systems

There is a wide variety of keyless entry and access control systems on the market today. Our staff is happy to give you a free consultation to determine what system would best fit your needs. From keypads to card readers, we can provide you with the hardware, software, and help that you need to create the most efficient system for you and your employees.

Master Key Systems

How dramatically could you improve your day to day operations if you only had ONE key to open all the locks in your life? Master key systems from Bonded Lock & Key are custom made to give you the security and efficiency that you need. While your employees only have access to a certain few doors, you and others whom you trust can access ALL of the doors. Master Keying refers to the ability to rekey locks to a specific level of keys, so that some individuals may have access to a few doors of your choosing, while you have access to ALL using the Master Key.


At Bonded Lock & Key, we have a large selection of commercial and residential padlocks. Our padlocks can be custom designed to fit your needs, whether they will be used outdoors, on a trailer, or just for your locker, we have what you need to protect your property. Many of our padlocks can be matched (rekeyed) to a key you already have, including your house or office key!

Repairs & Installation

Have a problem with one of your locks? We can often just replace or repair a part for you, rather than replacing the whole lockset. We can also install new locks, like deadbolts, for added security. Call us with your questions, and our knowledgeable staff is happy to help with a free estimate!